PLC (Powerline communication) Technology

PLC (Powerline communication) Technology

Powerline Comunication (PLC), in Italian, it is called "Onde Convogliate" (OC), is a technology that enables the sending and reading of data using the power line of an appliance, in our case the 12 V AC line.

To relate it to everyday life, it is the technology used by electricity suppliers to read the data of our meters without sending someone out to collect the "reading".

The practical advantage of this technology, for the control of our RGBW "PLC" colour changing lamps, is in the realisation or adaptation of the electrical installation.

In a new installation, all that is needed to power the lamps is a simple two-wire cable, simplifying the connections and allowing a larger cable section than would be necessary if we had to add the data conductors.

In a traditional existing installation, there is no need to change the existing cables because they already have two wires.

On the power supply line there will be a signal transmitter that will change the colour scenarios of our lamps using a remote control or two common external buttons, depending on preference.